4 Significant factors to consider when packaging your product

Product packaging is a vital part that helps to make the product look attractive. The value of the packaging industry in India is USD 75.95 billion that is estimated to reach 103.32 billion by 2025 at CAGR of 5%

But why focus on the packaging? The answer is packaging not only introduces your brand it protects it, preserves it, displays it and much more. Just like your product, packaging also needs manufacturing and assembling. Packfect is a product packaging company that caters to your different types of packaging needs. 

Thinking of choosing a packaging design agency? Make sure you consider these factors before finalizing

The three different types of packaging categories are 

Primary- Packaging for the consumer

Secondary- Packaging used to keep items together like boxes, film wrap, trays, etc. 

Tertiary- Packaging for transportation or warehousing like boxes and cartons.

Choosing the right packaging is essential to keep your products safe while transportation or in the shop and later into the bags of the consumers. 

Below are the four essential factors to be considered while product packaging.


The materials used in packaging are important as they help in keeping the item secured from inside and attractive from outside. The selection of material depends on your product type and process. Your choice of packaging should be flexible for product promotion, new variants, stock-keeping unit changes, etc. Nowadays many types of packaging materials are available that are lightweight and consume less storage space and transportation costs while increasing the value and appeal of the product. 

Things to consider in the selection of materials

Capability and process

Storage and transportation 


Commercial activity

One of the biggest threats that businesses face today is sustainability. Packaging can be recovered and recycled. But, there should be a right balance between commercial and environmental needs. If you reduce packaging to meet environmental goals, what about product safety? And vice versa, if you use extensive packaging for product safety are you meeting sustainability goals?

Apart from all this, the cost of packaging also matters. There are many ways how you can bring down packaging costs. One is by wisely choosing the packaging company. However, if the brand image is your focal point, then you might want to invest more in the packaging. For example, you might prefer glass bottles over the plastic ones even if they are costlier. 

Things to consider in the selection of materials



Reusable and recyclable



You cannot underestimate the power of shelf appeal. According to the research, 70% of buying decisions are made in-store. Hence your packaging attracts and speaks to the customers before your product. It also informs the customer what exactly is the product. Unfortunately, only one in five consumers are happy with the packaging. Hence, it is worth spending effort and time to better it. Packfect provides a solution to all types of packaging demands. 

Things to consider that affects marketing 

Attractive design

Adequate information

Consumer needs

Brand identification

To make sure your packaging is prompt, consult a professional who understands your process and requirements along with its impact on the consumer. 

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